Thunderfuck & The Deadly Romantics were formed in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2005. That year the band was voted Best Band Name, Best Merchandise and Thunderfuck was voted best Gig Poster Artist in Hamilton’s VIEW Magazine. The band received notoriety in 2007 when removed from the “It’s Your Festival” in Hamilton due to the band name. They had a good couple of years of gigging around Ontario before an opportunity arose for Thunderfuck to relocate to the UK. The intention was always to keep the band as an on-going concern and within a week, Gary Mark, or as you knew him, Fudd McPounder, a guitarist from New Zealand that would become a staple in the band for the next nine years. A running joke with the band in Canada was that even though they gigged a lot, they were so dysfunctional as a band, that they could never get it together enough to get anything recorded. The band were doing a set of about 10 original songs, of which 7 or 8 of them finally made it on to the Sexploitation CD, however, at that time, all they had managed to record was a really badly produced cover of The Dogs D’Amour’s “Saviour” that was released on a charity CD in the UK called “Their Hearts Caught Fire” – We're sure you can find it, but be warned, it is awful!!

Upon Arriving in the UK, Versailles Records from New York got in touch and wanted the band to record a Def Leppard cover for their “soon to be released” compilation “Love Me Like A Bomb: A Millennium Tribute To Def Leppard”, We say “soon to be released” as it wasn’t released until 2016. Anyway, with no band to speak off, and the fact that it was Def Leppard (so why take it seriously) Gary and Thunderfuck sat down and decided that the worst song ever released by Def Leppard was Have You Ever Needed Someone So bad, so they chose to record that.

The duo pursued guitarists, bass players and drummers for the best part of a year with no luck whatsoever. As Thunderfuck was fresh over from Canada, and Fudd fresh from New Zealand, neither of them were aware of the clique that is the Glasgow music scene and neither of them were being accepted into it. Eventually they found a bass player who severely stabbed TF in the back, so fuck it, he doesn’t get a credit, and the three of them, along with original drum tracks recorded in Canada by Smash Bashkins, managed to pull off the first 4 track EP called “Do You Wanna Rock And Roll”.


In 2013, responding to classified ads, The Deadly Romantics engulfed a guitar player called Brian Cartwright and another guitar player called Mark Borland. With Fudd now on Bass Guitar, we were only looking for a drummer when Gordon Howie appeared, a left handed guitar player, who could actually play the drums! The band was set.


The band played approximately once a month over 2013 and 2014 and managed to release another 4 track EP in “Starfucker”, but TF's drinking was getting way out of control. He was doing stuff on stage and around the band that he seemed to think was funny, but no one else really did. The band were doing gigs in front of important people and TF was being an asshole! The band were getting hate mail through the bands email and Facebook and discussions were being held online about how shit the band was. Some people got the joke, but not enough to make the band a viable outfit. TF was passing out on stage, offending people in the audience and was getting stuff thrown at him, even getting punched in the face at one gig in Ivory Blacks in Glasgow!

The band went on a national tour of the UK with The Cadaver Club and opened up for several well known bands. Thunderfuck was drinking the country dry of Jagermeister and people were coming to see the band to see what shit he would get up to next, not because of the music. Eventually, Mark quit the band.

At the time, TF's response to all of the hate he was getting ended up being fuelled into the song “This One’s For You”. When it came time to shoot the video for the song, Brian Cartwright had had enough as well as he didn’t bother showing up.

The video was shot in October of 2014 and Christian Kimmett, the booking agent from Bannermans in Edinburgh, was a bass player, thus asked if he would come down to the video shoot and pretend he was playing bass. The second guitarist role was filled by the boyfriend of one of the girl dancers hired.

When it became obvious that Brian was not coming back to the band, Gary to moved back to Guitar and Christian came on board as the full time bass player, an offer to which he accepted and still regrets to this day.

Health reasons forced TF to quit the Jagermeister as he was drinking in excess of 20 Jager Bombs a night, so you can imagine how much energy drink was being consuming. Basically his heart was giving up and hisjoints were breaking down.

Toning down the shows a little, and trying to make them more entertaining for the audience, the band opened up for a band called Barb Wire Dolls at Bannermans one night and met the lovely Ida Sintic, a booking agent and tour manager from Zagreb in Croatia. She fell in love with the band, and before they knew it, a summer tour of Croatia was being organised for 2015.

Through the Cadaver Club, the band remained friends with Irish Singer Matty James, and at one of his shows in Bannermans, Mark Borland showed up. The band got to talking, and he decided to re-join the band. However, as The Deadly Romantics started to turn things around a bit, Gordie was getting busier with his other projects and could no longer invest the time into the band. In April 2015, Gordie left the band, and we headed off to Croatia in August with none other than Matty James behind the kit.

In many ways the Croatian tour was a success but in a couple of others, things were not so good. Once we arrived back in the UK, Gary decided to leave the band for his own personal reasons, and in his place we recruited the demented Stevie Pearce, whom the band had met in 2010 on an ill-fated Enuff Z’Nuff tour in which his band, Young Lust, had been the support act.

In May of 2016 the band played a string of dates throughout the UK, and the band had never sounded so good, performed so well, and finally looked like a rock and roll band. So what happened??

In 2017, Thunderfuck re-re-located back to Canada. When one performs in a band like Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics, one cannot expect things to be easy, and indeed, on many occasions, they are not.

In 2018, Thunderfuck & The Deadly Romantics signed a distribution deal with Cargo Records out of the UK.


The ALL Canadian band now consists of:

thunderfuck : vox
johnny douchebag : gtr
jim mcpain : gtr
ryan cümsock : bass
mickey mental : drums

The New CD "Dirty, Sleazy Rock'n'Roll" hit the shelves Aug 2nd 2019





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